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Welcome to my Design Lab!  Every month I'll introduce you to a new topic on web design and web graphics---not just HTML or Photoshop tricks, but the important basics of design proper, design as art and science.  My articles, best described as "creative tutorials," analyze various theoretic aspects of web design, offering corollary generalizations, analogies, advice, and illustrations.  I'm trying to maintain a detailed, comprehensive, no-nonsense approach appealing to everyone from absolute novices to professional designers.  Please check out what people say about my column.

Many of the articles link to various external pages for illustrating the design points I'm making.  Each link is repeated twice: once in the text where it is discussed and once more in a numbered link box in the margin, usually decorated by a graphic fragment of the linked page.  All such links are redirected to a separate browser window, so that you can go on reading while the illustration is downloading.  Over time, some links may break or their design features may deviate from what I pointed out in the article; if you spot such a discrepancy, please let me know.

My background, for those interested, is fairly diverse.  I've studied mathematics, but finally graduated in languages and applied linguistics.  I fell in love with computers in the days when a personal computer was quite an exotic thing in Russia.  Since then I've been engaged in all sorts of computer entertainment, from developing custom LaTeX styles to teaching computer literacy, from programming in C++ to computer graphics.  Now my primary occupation is web design and writing on computer-related topics, for this Lab as well as for magazines and books, both in English and in Russian.  Internet has not only opened a new land for me to explore, but it allowed me to communicate with the world and promote myself internationally in the ways I couldn't dream of before.  I can say I owe a good share of my professional accomplishments to the existence of this new media.

Note: My name is Dmitry, not Dimitri!

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Design Classes for Those Who Care.

Design Classes for Those Who Care.