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HTML Unleashed PRE. Creating Widely Accessible Web Pages: Summary


HTML Unleashed PRE: Creating Widely Accessible Web Pages



In this chapter we've discussed the ways to make HTML documents more accessible to people with physical and sensory disabilities, including both the proven techniques and the most recent developments of HTML 4.0.  Most of the recommendations in this field can be derived from the two basic principles of accessibility: presenting information in alternative modalities and logical, rather than presentational, markup.

The following aspects of HTML authoring were discussed:

  • Text: What tags should be avoided in text markup, what the major tips on selecting colors and presenting lists are;

  • Layout: How to properly use tables and other layout tools;

  • Graphics: Why alt text is important, what the rules-of-thumb are for composing useful alt texts, and why you should avoid image maps;

  • Forms: What new means of keyboard navigation are provided in HTML 4.0 for forms and how to use them;

  • Miscellany: What the accessibility considerations are for using frames, multimedia clips, Java and JavaScript.

Created: Sept. 19, 1997
Revised: Sept. 19, 1997