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HTML Unleashed. Sample Chapters

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HTML Unleashed

By Rick Darnell, et al. Publishing
ISBN: 1-57521-299-4
Due: August, 1997
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HTML Unleashed is an exhaustive resource devoted to the single most important language used in web development. The book provides complete reference and guide to HTML 4.0 syntax and usage, discusses integrating HTML with other technologies like Java and ActiveX, and even attempts to predict developments in the HTML language and implementation.  Here you can read chapters by one of the book's authors, Dmitry Kirsanov.


Chapter 3: SGML and HTML DTD
SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) is a formal system designed for building text markup languages, HTML being one of them. Learn the foundations of SGML to see how understanding SGML ideology and design principles may aid you in learning and applying HTML.

Chapter 38: The Emergence of the eXtensible Markup Language
XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a simple and compact subset of SGML designed specifically for use on the Internet in the way that HTML is currently used. This new project of W3C is gaining momentum at a surprising rate, and everybody seriously concerned with HTML may want to check it out.

Chapter 39: Internationalizing HTML Character Set and Language Tags
This chapter discusses the ways to overcome the pronounced Western bias in HTML and to make it more usable in the worldwide multilingual environment.  You'll learn about the use of character encoding standards, about the real-world problems of serving international web content, and about the new internationalization provisions of HTML 4.0.

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