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Dmitry's Design Lab: What People Say

What people say:
Here are just a few of the many compliments I'm getting from my readers... Thanks to all of you for your appreciation, and keep those words coming!

I've read your "dlab" column for about a year. For my money, it's the most informative thing on the Net. Amid a profusion of half-baked "experts," your writing is the real thing.

-- Blake Kritzberg, USA

I'd just like to say thanks for writing such a great series on design. I've been reading the whole series over the past couple of weeks, and I have to say that I've learned a lot. The things I only instinctively saw as bad or good design before, I can now analyse with my newfound knowledge of design.. I only wish your book was available in English, as my Russian is nonexistant to say the least... :-)

-- Suzanne Leibrick, USA

I'd like to thank you for providing us with the best design related articles on the Web. I can't describe how much delight this treasure called Dmitry's Design Lab gave me. I've read other web sites and books about design and typography but it's no thing compared to your articles--unique observations, admirable knowledge, combined with brilliant writing style... Fascinating stuff. I've read every article many times and it's still interesting and helpful (even though it sometimes seemed abstract and difficult to get at a first sight).

-- Jakub Misak, Czech Republic

Just a quick note to complement you on your design lab articles. They are clear, consice and knowledgable. In a world where "flash", "bells and whistles" and "cool" often supersede quality design, it is refreshing to hear a voice advocating clean, quality design and offering free advice on how to achieve it. Thank you.

-- Christopher Posthuma, USA

This is just a few words of thanks for all the information that you give in your pages at I started college recently with the aim of studying Graphic Design as an aid to Web page architecture but found the course lacking in theory. Not in application to technical matters, but lacking in addressing the why's of color and shape, and although awakened to the need of clear communication I could not grasp the language. I have been studying your observations and have found them exceptionally good in understanding design.

-- Gino Pacitti, UK

I'd like to congratulate you and thank you at the same time for the wonderful arcticles about designing you've published on the Internet. There are no words to describe how joyful and instructive it's been to read the two parts of the logo design saga. By reading the many pages of your website I gained more self-confidence and accuracy in logo designing than I've ever had, the step-by-step explanations and practical examples surely got me to understand the ideas very quickly and with no trouble at all. Also i'd like to add that I visited your own website too and the samples of your work are gorgeous, your designing skills really find no frontiers.

-- Paulo H. Otte, Brazil

I've just come across your Design Lab site today and I am extremely impressed with what you've done. I am a writer myself (science novelist) so I know the worth of a well-written page, and your site is full of them.

-- Stephen Carter, USA

Your site is amazing! It is a shame that it is so poorly linked to---I discovered it almost by accident, and I had searched for this subject. The marriage of technicalities and art is superb---and so necessary in this fast-evolving, embrionary medium.

-- Gustavo Alcides Concheiro Pérez, Argentina

After many many hours of reading through the archives of your design lab my eyes ache, my neck is stiff and I need a massage. But I couldn't stop reading. I've gained more valuable information from "dlab" than from any other sites, books or informative sources that I've read to date.

-- Steve Hasday, Hong Kong

Thank you for posting your web design material. In 5 years of roaming the WWW, I haven't encountered better practical (and aesthetic) advice and common sense. I particularly appreciate your writing style: scholarly and intelligent, yet refreshingly free of jargon or pedantry.

-- Bob Fisher, USA

I have a background in Computer Science, and thus have no problem with the technicalities of the media, but have lacked the design aspects to produce top quality work. I have (as well as a lot of other people I know) benefited greatly from your sensible and to-the-point articles on design elements, which have a bearing on reality that I haven't seen in any other place.

-- Kye Leslie, Australia

It's really hard work learning ALL this stuff on your own so I'm very happy I've found your design lab on the web.  I check in about once a week and have done so for almost a year.  It's the best.  I always get inspired and start applying my newly found insights right away...

-- Fredrik Sundstrom, Sweden

I think your work is awesome, always educational and interesting---and, most importantly on the web, keeps me coming back to see what you're up to.  Moreover, I send my friends to your pages to help "enlighten" them! <...> Your sense of style is innate (this seems to be the case for many of the best designers) and oftentimes transcends the medium.  Again, thank you---your work is appreciated by those of us who are still learning.

-- Paul Tamaro, USA

Thanks for an informative, and genuinely useful site on web design.  I've seen so many that have very little to do with actual design, and more with HTML programming, or just a list of "ten dont's".  This one actually explains and helps with DESIGN, so thank you :)

-- Richard Taylor, UK