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ecommerce-guide news and trends

PayPal Handles PCI Compliance for SMB Ecommerce Merchants
[July 27, 2011] PayPal updates Payflow Link to provide merchants with PCI peace of mind.

3 Consumer Shopping Trends Online Retailers Need to Know
[July 14, 2011] From connecting with brands on Facebook to the importance of being found in Google, consumer research data helps merchants identify the best strategies for connecting with online shoppers.

5 Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
[May 17, 2011] Eight out of 10 people shop online at least twice a week, but everyday more of them use their phone rather than their desktop. Here's how to capture mobile sales on the cheap.

Do You Need Mobile Commerce?
[April 19, 2011] Is mobile commerce the next step for your small business ecommerce website? Join our panel of experts in a Twitter Chat and get answers to your mobile commerce questions.

Calculating ROI on Your Small Biz Ecommerce Website
[March 31, 2011] Helen Bradley shows how to calculate the ROI on your small business ecommerce site and how you can use it to improve your profits.

Survey: Online Consumers Prefer 'Social' Sign-in
[February 8, 2011] Consumers are much more likely to stay on an e-tailer's site if their social networking IDs let the site automatically recognize and log them in, according to a new survey from Janrain.

3 Ecommerce Trends to Watch in 2011
[January 26, 2011] We define and discuss the technology behind three top ecommerce software and marketing trends for 2011: analytics, social media integration and ecommerce remarketing.

Black Friday Ecommerce Starts Strong as Cyber Monday Looms
[November 29, 2010] Brisk sales over the Thanksgiving holiday continue strong start to the season, come amid strong interest in deals and sturdy site performances, various sources indicate.

Holiday Ecommerce Projected for 11% Jump
[November 29, 2010] Online metrics firm comScore reports a strong start to holiday season for Internet retailers, raising its forecast for November and December as merchants push aggressive promotions.

Search Changes Drive the Way Results Are Counted
[November 22, 2010] The latest changes in the major search engines are impacting how firms that analyze search behavior count what is or isn't a legit search.

Yahoo Search Ad Service Begins Migration to Microsoft
[October 8, 2010] After some last-minute testing over the weekend, Microsoft and Yahoo plan to begin the migration of search ad serving from Yahoo's technology to Microsoft's adCenter.

Mobile Commerce: Coming to Ecommerce Sites Near You
[September 14, 2010] Mobile devices are about to change the way everyone shops online. Is your ecommerce site ready for the revolution? Laurie McCabe explains what you need to know…and why.

Review:'s Free Program for eBay Sellers
[July 28, 2010] offers a free program for eBay sellers -- you just pay for printed postage and insurance. The software is easy to use and offers ample opportunity to automate many tasks for creating shipping labels.

Online Advertisers Start Spending Again
[April 16, 2010] A survey shows the big online advertisers are big spenders again. And this bodes well for small Web shops, too.

Google Invests in Mobile Search
[April 13, 2010] Google's recent acquisition of Plink signals the company's growing interest in all things mobile. Is visual search a trend for ecommerce owners to watch?

Unified Communications Boost the Bottom Line
[April 9, 2010] Tying all of your various channels of communication together makes running your small business ecommerce site -- from anywhere -- easier and more effective.

Google Moves to Further Tighten Buzz Privacy
[April 6, 2010] The search leader's social networking service is again taking steps to lock down its activity.

Contests as Ecommerce Marketing Tools
[March 31, 2010] From growing your email list to creating an online community, a contest can be a valuable small business marketing tool. Strutta CEO, Ben Pickering, offers Web shop owners' tips for running online contests.

CoreCommerce Adds Free Mobile Shops to Platform
[March 17, 2010] The popular storefront e-commerce platform offers free mobile-optimized Web shops in its newest version, CoreCommerce 7.7.

Mobilize Your Ecommerce Web Site
[March 12, 2010] The most important mobile marketing tool you can have is an ecommerce site that's optimized for mobile devices. Why risk losing out on potentially thousands of mobile customers and sales?

Tame Web Marketing with Social Media Management
[March 11, 2010] Social networking sites make up a large part of ecommerce marketing, but with so many outlets it's easy to become overwhelmed. Social media management tools can help.

Businesses Target Multiple Social Networking Sites
[March 1, 2010] As marketing budgets dwindle, companies big and small turn to social media to boost customer outreach.

Mobile Commerce Advantages for Retailers Emerging
[February 22, 2010] Using mobile devices to shop is starting to catch on but has some hurdles to clear before it gains broad acceptance with U.S. consumers, according to a new report.

Don’t Bail on Your Business Blog
[February 18, 2010] Recent studies may have you thinking that it’s time to give up the blog and focus on Twitter or Facebook. But don’t be rash. Search engine optimization is a major benefit of keeping a business blog.

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