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Stephanos Piperoglou is currently studying Computer Science in St. John's College, Cambridge University, in England, though his home is and will always be Athens, the sunny capital of Greece. He has been using the Internet since the time the Web was just a computer scientist's experiment somewhere outside Geneva (a place he has duly made a pilgrimage to in 1997) and has lived through (or made a living out of) its evolution ever since.

He was worked as a Network Administrator and Web Developer in Hellas On Line, one of Greece's largest Internet Service Providers, and was part of the Web Development team of the Democritos National Center for Scientific Research, where he worked in an office dangerously close to Greece's only nuclear reactor, an experience that is no doubt to blame for a large part of his personality. He has previously published works on Web Development both in print and online, while having spent most of his adolescence trying to get his homepage just right. He has now given up on this and tries to teach other people how to do it instead.

Stephanos splits his time equally between Athens, Cambridge and the Internet. He collects e-mail addresses as a hobby (he's up to 11 right now), but can most reliably be reached at

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