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Nathan Segal is a Writer who has also been active as a digital artist for well over a decade. For the past 8+ years, he has written numerous articles for computer and photographic magazines and has provided his own illustrations and photographs for the articles. Topics covered include: software reviews, tutorials, tips and tricks, feature articles, profiles and investigative reporting. Two years ago, he was the main contributing Writer to Streaming Media World, where he wrote over 100 articles over the course of a year.

Several years ago, he entered into a collaborative effort with several photographers and created over 300 digital images for stock photography catalogs. He also built a stock photography web site for the purpose of licensing images of Crop Circles, Space, Stonehenge, etc.

In recent years, he studied at the Victoria College of Art, using the skills acquired there to further integrate his various artistic expressions. He works with both 2D and 3D software, digital photography, traditional painting techniques and model building.

A sampling of his clients include: Windows Magazine, Smart Computing, Visual Convergence, Publish RGB, PIX, Web Developer, Version Tracker, Fotopic International, Aldrich, Pears and Associates, and The Computer Paper. You can write to him at or visit his web site at



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