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Yehuda Shiran has an MS in Electrical Engineering, an MS in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. He is currently a CAD Software Program Manager at Intel in Haifa, Israel. Yehuda has worked in the computer industry for over 15 years in various management and software development positions. He is also an experienced Web page designer, mastering HTML, JavaScript, Java, C++, and Perl. Tomer Shiran is an experienced JavaScript, C++, and Perl programmer and is president and CEO of Netscent, a Web authoring company in Haifa, Israel.

The Shirans have authored an advanced JavaScript book titled "Learn Advanced JavaScript Programming" by Yehuda Shiran and Tomer Shiran, published by Wordware, ISBN# 1-55622-552-0.

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