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Twirl Animation- Giordan on Graphics | 2

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Step 1-
Create the Background

This animation starts with a subtle yet richly colored background that will support the bright colors and movement that is to follow. While the movement of this animation is believable, the real things that make it stand out are the rich colors and interesting subject matter. That means you should make sure the images you use are distinctive and interesting. No amount of fancy movement is going to look good if the image is dull and lifeless. In this case, we enhance the image further with a distinctive background.

After creating a 125x125 pixel file, I repeatedly applied the diamond gradient tool to get the composite effect shown at left. To create a build up of diamond shaped gradients, begin by selecting the diamond gradient tool and then double click the gradient tool to launch the gradient tool options palette. Chose the Lighten blending mode and apply the filter. Then choose the Difference blending mode and apply the filter again. Finally, choose Hard Light and apply a third gradient to achieve the particular effect shown. Experiment with various settings and colors until you get something you like.

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