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Step 2-
Stroke the Path and Delete From the Main Image

With the path active, the next step is to stroke the path within the new channel we created in the previous step. Double click the airbrush tool and select a 5 pixel soft brush with a pressure setting of 100%. Set the foreground color to white.

In the Paths Palette, select Stroke Path from the Paths Palette options menu. The dialog will reflect the last tool used, which will be the Airbrush settings you just specified. Click OK and Photoshop will stroke the path named Grid with the Airbrush, into the new channel.

Activate the main RGB channel and Select the entire image. Hold down the Command-Option-Shift keys and click on the grid channel to intersect the grid selection with the entire image. Set the background to white, and delete the grid selection. The image above shows the result.

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