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Photoshop Color Correction- Giordan on Graphics | 3

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Tool #7 & 8- Desaturate & Replace Color


(Image>Adjust>Replace Color)

Desaturate- This menu command eliminates all color in the image, reducing everything to Black and White. No controls in this one, just select the command and stand back.

Replace Color- A relative of Hue/Saturation, Replace Color lets you define a color range within an image and modify or replace it. It shows you a thumbnail of the image, allowing you to select portions of it with an eyedropper. A slider adjusts the range of selection, which is updated in the thumbnail image. Once selected, the standard Hue/Saturation tools let you shift Hue, Saturation, or Lightness. This is a good control that lets you select an area by color, and then apply either a radical color shift or a subtle change in intensity.










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