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Pro Edges 8: CorelDraw Ragged Edges

Photo with Artistic Media Tool border applied.

Artistic Media border applied with gray outline and black fill.

For a complete set of step-by-step tutorials for the most important features in CorelDraw, see my CorelDraw 9 Basics series.


Images provided courtesy of EyeWire.

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Almost every third party edge filters package contains several ways to make photo edges ragged. Although I tend to work well with ragged or casual looks naturally, most of the ragged edges I see are quite intrusive on the photo. In my book, the image should not be there if it is not important to the message. When all attention is drawn to the edge, you have lost your graphic benefit.

CorelDraw's Artist Media Tool offers an almost instant way to create ragged borders that do not draw from the image. I have included some samples using default Artistic Media Tool styles. The top or left image shows the default color for the style. The second image has had the outline or fill changed.

When these effects are applied to the edges, you can get the appearance of rough photo edges, or with added color, a charcoal or pastel border effect. The second photo at left has a mid-gray outline and a black fill. Both effects have been created by drawing a rectangle and applying the Artistic Media Tool effect.

You have three choices to add an Artistic Media effect to a photo edge: freehand drawing with the Artistic Media Tool; draw a line and apply the tool or draw a rectangle and apply the tool. In the sample below, the same Artistic Media Tool effect has been applied to all object. The top left image is drawn freehand with the Artistic Media Tool. The lower left shows a line and then the line with the Artistic Media Tool applied. The image on the right shows a rectangle and then the same rectangle with the effect added.

Freehand Drawing
Choose the Artistic Media Tool, shown here in the Curve Flyout. In the Property Bar near the top of your screen, choose Brush (shown depressed), pick your style from the flyout and adjust width if desired. (You can also open the Artistic Media Docker.)

Draw your freehand line. This is a great technique if you want total control over where the ragged edges are placed. Once created the line is called an Artistic Media Group, and can be manipulated like any other graphic in CorelDraw including separating and ungrouping for total control. In most cases, you can leave the group intact and specify fill or outline color.

Applying the Artistic Media Tool to a Line or Rectangle
If you want straight lines or wish to apply the effect around the full photo, it is fastest to draw a line or rectangle first. Create your line or rectangle and choose the pick tool. Make sure the line or rectangle is selected and choose the Artistic Media Tool. In the Property Bar, choose your Width and then choose your Style. The chosen Artistic Media Tool effect will be applied to your object.

Have some fun with this feature. You can use any shape as the basis for the Artistic Media Tool. Once you have designed the first effect, copying is quick and easy.



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