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Text as Design pg 9: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at webreference.com | 2


Text as Design 9: Resources/Gallery

    Don't forget to let us know what you have done. Send URLs, files, etc. to wpeck@internet. com.

Font Supply Links

When you start working with text as your design elements, you may want to keep an eye out for special fonts. This list will help get your started.

Adobe Fonts
Antons Font World
Backroom Fonts
Blu Fonts
Destiny's Design
Digital Attitudes
Font Pool
Graphic Heaven
Graphx Edge
Kemosabe's Font Source
Lezz Font
My Fonts
Sassy Fonts
SoftSeek Fonts
Zone 23 Fonts




You have seen the methods and hopefully played with a few ideas. Here is a chance to take a look at a few sites with exceptional text use. Keep your eyes open for ideas whenever you surf the Web. The examples are out there, and before long, you will be incorporating concepts you have seen into your own style.


Great style and hardly a graphic in site. This site is not English, but it is well worth the trip to Upcom, even if you do not speak a word of German. Note how the text forms a breakout in the heading graphic, which is enhanced by using the area for more text. And placing a large, white character in the midst of muted colors is a challenge. Great design. © Upcom. Used with permission.

OK, I admit it. Sometimes graphics help even with terrific text, but the photo is not what makes this site special. Notice how the text is subtle, yet it is really the star of the page. When you visit SCPIE, pay close attention to the detail in the top graphic. The shadows are wonderful. © SCPIE. Used with permission.

Perhaps I should not include this page here, since this is a dynamite photo that could not be described as a secondary part of the design. However, the text use on InFantasy caught my eye for elegant way it is incorporated into this graphic. There are so many poorly executed specialty text effects on the Web, that I thought this was a great wake-up. Well designed specialty text works. This entire design is compelling and the text is certainly a big part of the success. © In Fantasy. Used with permission.


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