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Let There Be Lines pg 3: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at webreference.com


Let There Be Lines 3: PhotoShop Lines (part 2)




Texture created with the Graphic Pen filter. Layer Effects> Inner Bevel with reduced values is used to define the lines.

Filters for Lines
Try using the marquee settings on the previous page with a filter. You will find that almost all attempts return an error message telling you that your selection area is too small. We can fill a larger area though and still use the precise control of the fixed width marquee.

Using the Normal style for the marquee, select a rectangular area that exceeds the length of the line you desire and is at least 50 pixels high. Fill and apply any filter. When you are satisfied with the texture you have created, set the values for a fixed size marquee as above. For most textures a height of at least 4 px is required to allow the texture to show.

Click on the texture you have created to apply the fixed size selection. You may wish to move the selection area to another area of the pattern. Choose Selection>Inverse from the main menu and then delete. This will clear the pattern area, leaving you with a perfectly sized textured line. Most textured lines will look more finished when you apply a very slight 3D effect to them in the layers menu. Be careful here. The idea is to define the area, not create a 3D object. See the examples at the left.






Line variations created with the brush as described at right. The top sample is drawing with the Pencil tool, holding the SHIFT key down to constrain to a straight line. The second and third samples are created with the same tool and method, but with the Fade set to 10 and 5 in the Pencil Option window.

Variation of above brush. Size 3 px, Hardness 44%. Spacing (from top to bottom) 250, 350, 450, 600 and 999%.

Another variation. Size 1 px, Hardness 100%, spacing 500%. Top line is Fade 0. Bottom is Fade 40 steps.

No discussion about lines could be considered complete without including dotted lines. Unlike illustration programs, PhotoShop does not have a handy dotted stroke setting. However, it is almost that easy.

Any brush or pencil shape can create a dotted line by specifying increased spacing. We could adjust the spacing on any brush, but I prefer to leave my default brushes untouched. It is very easy to create a new brush, and you can use it over and over to have consistent dotted lines.

Choose Window>Show Brushes from the main menu to open the Brushes window if necessary. From the fly-out menu at the top right of the window, choose New Brush to open the New Brush window.

Set the desired diameter, Hardness (100% is no softening) and a spacing of at least 150-200% depending on how much space you desire between dots. Choose OK and a new brush will appear at the bottom of the default brushes (you may have to scroll down to see your new brush).

To draw the line, make sure the pencil tool is selected and draw. Holding your SHIFT key once you start to draw will constrain the drawing to a straight line.

Test your line. If you are not satisfied with the results, double click on your new brush in the Brushes window. The Brush Options window will open, presenting you with the same options you had when you created the brush.




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