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Masks Are Easy 8: CorelDraw Masks

  Vector programs like CorelDraw offer an effect that is similar to masks, although technically, this is not a mask technique. I have included it here, though, because the result is similar to some of the effects created with raster program masks.




If you would like to place a photo in a wild border, there is no easier way than in CorelDraw. You can take any vector shape and fill it with a photo. Take a look at the two samples to the left. Each were created with one step, using the shape shown here (“C” from dingbat font Button Button).

To create this look in CorelDraw, draw your vector shape. Choose File>Import to import a photo. Size the vector object to match the photo as shown here. You can adjust a vector diagram to any size – larger or smaller. If the proportion is not correct, make sure you adjust the proportion on your shape, not your photo. Any area of the shape that falls outside the photo borders will be filled with the color of the vector object.

Select the photograph and choose Effects>Powerclip>Place Inside Container. The vector object and the photo do not need to be arranged in any special way. The cursor will change to a black arrow as shown at the left. Click on the vector object and the photo will fill the object.

You can also use an outline for definition as shown in the skating photo above.


Photos © Tom Thomson Photography. Used with permission.

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