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Type Right for a Pro Look: Typography Resources


Through this entire article, I have been suggesting that you learn more about typography. The tools that I included in the tutorials are just tools. The sites below offer a starting place for more typography information.





Major Font Suppliers

See the Links section for a selection of Shareware and Freeware font suppliers.

Photo supplier, but excellent type section with articles by Robin Williams, author of The Non-Designers Type Book.

Font supplier and creator of the new Web Font Player, which is the first step to embedding fonts in pages. Keep an eye on it.

Long time leader in the font world. You will also find a few articles and tips for typography.

Chank Fonts
If you like novelty fonts, you will find an excellent selection here. Novelty fonts are great for headings when you are trying to set a mood, but be careful—they can look tacky when not used right. ("I like it" is not a good reason for a novelty font—must set a mood or enhance an image.)

Agfa Monotype
Another long time industry leader for type. Top quality, professional type and some high level typography discussion. The information is a bit light, but the quality is excellent.

Dsgn Haus (was Font Haus)
Like most in this list, another well established, respected name in the font world. Many fonts, books, information and an interesting Community Center that is worth a peek.



Articles and Tutorials

Font fans must visit this site for at least the two features that demand attention. The first is a search engine to identify a font. Scan the font and upload the image—the image is compared to a database of font styles and will return most likely results. Feature number two brought me to attention is a font selection utility. Choose a font and then request more or less of four different qualities like bold or contrast. A suggested font is displayed according to your specifications. Perfect when you have a font that is "just about right." Exciting potential here!

Typography and Layout Tutorial
This is an excellent source for basic typography information, written by a certified typographer. Ironically, the site can be quite confusing, but the information is well worth figuring out the navigation.

Xerox Type Tutorial
Introduction to type, with excellent illustrations and explanations of various font attributes.

Superb and fun way to choose the correct font and learn a lot about type and categories of type as you go. Make sure you stop at the Techniques page, too. There is great design and type information through this site.

7 Stages of Type Appreciation by Daniel Will-Harris. If you have been to the site above, this name will be familiar. This Webreview.com essay on is an excellent primer on type.

Web Page Design for Designers: Typography features a well-written and comprehensive look at what works with type on the Web. This features text on the Web, rather than text as a graphic element, but well worth a visit.

Yale Web Style Guide provides basic description of the way type behaves on a page, how the reader's eye follows the line of text, etc.

WebGrammar.com has an abundant links section for typography topics. While you are there ... you might want to check out the grammar information. There is nothing worse than great type layout with grammar errors. Guess what the reader remembers?

Roger C Parker's Ten Rules of Good Design
This is not really a typography tutorial, but simple design instruction is so hard to find I could not resist bringing this to the resource section. It does fit with good typography, and you will find many type references.



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