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Mastering the Photo Crosshatch Filter in Illustrator 8

Sometimes you just want an image that's more like a graphic than a photograph. I mean, graphics use fewer tones and compress into nice little GIF files for fast downloading, and they make a page look more designed.

Now, you could just apply one of the artistic filters in Photoshop and be done with it, but do those filters really do justice to a good image? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. You really take your chances with some images, and you almost always end up compromising somewhere in the conversion process.

While it must be painfully obvious by now that I'm leading you headlong into my own conclusion, I think you'll like the trip we're embarking on. I'm going to show you how to use the Photo Crosshatch filter in Illustrator 8 to create a custom graphic effect that's optimized for the specific image you're working on. The result will be an effect like the one shown above, although you can add your own color combinations if you wish.

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Table of Contents

  • page 2- Optimizing the image for tonal areas
  • page 3- Apply the first filter
  • page 4- Apply the second and third filter
  • page 5- Apply the filter for the highlights
  • page 6- Set up hatching layers
  • page 7- Color the 1/4 tone layer
  • page 8- Color the mid tone layer
  • page 9- Color the remaining layers
  • page 10- Finish the effect


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Created: Feb 2, 1999
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