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CorelDraw 101: Getting Started

Create a New Document





Close Existing Documents
To start a new project, you will want to open a blank document. Close any open documents or cancel the introduction screen. The gray background indicates that there are no open documents.




  Create New Document
In the main menu, choose File, New.





  Page Information
The page size and orientation is displayed in the Properties Bar, directly above the work area. CorelDraw provides many areas on the screen to view and adjust page and object properties. Watch for these information areas as you learn the program, since they can be great time savers.



  Open a Second New Document
You can have several documents open in CorelDraw. Choose File, New and a second blank document will appear. Note that the first document is called Graphic1 and the second Graphic2. You can toggle back and forth between an unlimited number of open documents, which can be valuable if you are working on a series of similar documents. Warning: Each open document uses more RAM and you can cause a system crash by overloading your RAM capacity. Most modern computers will easily handle two or three open documents.


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