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CorelDraw 101: Starting your page right

Label Setup



Open Options Window
Click Layout, Page Setup from the Main Menu. The Options window will open.





Specify Paper as Labels
Click Labels in the Size dialog area.





Choose Label Type
Locate the manufacturer of your labels and click on the + beside their name to expand the selection of label types. Identify the product number of your labels, which should be clearly marked on your label packaging. The illustration beside the label list shows an approximation of the highlighted label sheet.





Customize Labels
Click on the Customize Label button. You can adjust Label Size, Page Margins, Gutters and how many rows and columns will be printed on a sheet. This is commonly used to adjust for different margins in printers, or if you are not able to find the exact model of label you wish to use. Click on OK to save custom settings.


Create Labels
Click OK to return to the workspace which will now show one label. Note the ruler illustrating the size of the page which is the same as the size of one label (2" x 4" in this example). When you print, the information on your label will be repeated on every label according to the label settings you specified in the Options window.


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