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CorelDraw 101: Basic Toolbox pg 3: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at


CorelDraw 101: Basic Toolbox

Shape Tool Overview


Choose the Shape Tool
Click on the Shape Tool in the Toolbox.






Advanced Shape Tool Features
Click on the triangle at the bottom right corner of the Shape Tool to open the Shape Edit Features pop-up. This menu offers advanced functions that will not be covered in this basic tutorials, but you should be familiar with the location of all tools in the Toolbox. The tools in the menu are Shape Tool (default), Knife Tool, Eraser Tool and Free Transform Tool.






Select Nodes with Shape Tool
The Shape Tool works with Nodes within objects. Selected Nodes are shown filled with black. You can select more than one node by holding down your Shift Key as you select the second, third, etc. Or, marquee (click and drag) select over the nodes you wish to select.






Shape Tool with Text
Select the Text Tool and Type "Move." Select the Shape Tool. Select the "e" by clicking in the square to the lower left of the letter. The square will now be filled with black. Click and drag on the square to move the letter. You can use your CTRL key as you move to constrain the move along the text baseline. You can also change the size, color and many other properties of individual letters by selecting with the Shape Tool.






Shape Tool Properties
There are no properties for the Shape Tool.







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