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CorelDraw 101: Basic Toolbox pg 4: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at


CorelDraw 101: Basic Toolbox

Zoom Tool Overview


Choose the Zoom Tool
Click on the Zoom Tool in the Toolbox. The Zoom Tool controls the view on your workspace and is one tool you should learn well. In CorelDraw, much of your work will toggle between close-up work and working with the entire design. Time spent learning to navigate zoom options will be repaid many times over as you work.






Mouse Zoom In
Place any object on your screen. Choose the Zoom Tool and click on the object with your left mouse button. The object will zoom in. Repeat to zoom closer. Where you click will become the center of the screen when zoomed.






Mouse Zoom Out
Click on the screen with your right mouse button. Note how the cursor icon changes from + to -. Click again to repeat. Mouse zoom out will return you to your previous view.






Marquee Zoom
Click and drag your mouse over the area of the document you would like to have fill the screen. Marquee selected zoom is usually much faster when you need to work on sections of your document and require a close view.






Zoom Property Bar
Select Zoom Tool. Note the Property Bar above your workspace. These tools provide one click access to the following (from left to right): Zoom Tool, Pan Tool (see step 7), Zoom In, Zoom Out, Display actual size, Zoom to Selected object, Zoom to All Objects, Zoom to Page, Zoom to Page Width, Zoom to Page Height, View Manager Docker window.





Drop Down View Selection
Locate the Zoom Levels fly-out box just below the Main Menu. This selection provides fast access to preset Zoom Levels. Click on the triangle to expand selection list and click on desired view level.





Pan Tool
Click on the triangle at the bottom right corner of the Zoom Tool to choose the Pan Tool. You can also click on the Pan Tool icon in the Property Bar. Click and drag anywhere on your workspace. The Pan Tool will move your document in the screen allowing you to scroll or position any portion of the document. This only affects the view, not any positioning of your objects.





Tool Properties
Right click on the Zoom or Pan Tool to open the Zoom, Pan Tool Properties window. You can change your right mouse button to provide a menu, but I do not advise this. The right mouse button is more valuable as a tool for changing view. Previous CorelDraw version users: You can check the Use Traditional Zoom Fly-out option, as this places the Property Bar tools into the fly-out as with earlier versions. However, the Property Bar provides access with one click, compared to two for the fly-out access.

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