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CorelDraw 101: All About Fills 2 pg 3: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at


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CorelDraw 101: All About Fills 2

Custom 2 Color Fills




Open Pattern Fill Window
Create a rectangle at least 3" wide and high, with no fill. Select the rectangle with the Pick Tool. Choose the Fill Tool from the Toolbox to open the fly-out. Choose the third icon to open the Pattern Fill Window.






Choose 2 Color Pattern Type
Choose the 2-Color option in the Pattern Fill window.





Create 2 Color Pattern
Click on the Edit button to open the 2 Color Pattern Editor Window. Choose 16 x 16 as the Bitmap size, and 2 x 2 as the Pen Size for this sample. Click and drag with your main mouse button to create black squares. To erase, click, or click and drag with your right mouse button. Draw four rows of black lines, 2 pixels wide, with 2 blank rows between colored rows. Click OK when your sample looks like the illustration to the left (complete the row the mouse is on … I stopped to show the row being created).






Choose Pattern Color
Choose the color for the front, or foreground, from the Front color selector. You can choose one of the preset colors, or click Others to access the full CorelDraw color selection. Repeat for the background color, using the Back color selector. The preview sample will reflect the colors you choose. Click OK.





Pattern Fill Results
Your rectangle will be filled with the 2-color pattern you created. If you would like the pattern repeat to be larger or smaller, or start in a different position within your object, see Pattern Fill Options later in this tutorial. Note how the four rows we created within the 2" default size fall within 2" on the sample (guides are set at 0 and 2" vertically).




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