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CorelDraw 101: All About Fills 2 pg 8: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at | 2


CorelDraw 101: All About Fills 2

Creating Texture Fill




Open Texture Fill Window
Create a rectangle at least 3" wide and high, with no fill. Select the rectangle with the Pick Tool. Choose the Fill Tool from the Toolbox to open the fly-out. Choose the fourth icon to open the Texture Fill Window.






Choose Texture Fill Library
Choose a collection of patterns from the Texture Library fly-out. Each of the libraries contains a separate selection of textures.






Choose Texture
Choose texture from the Texture List. Keep in mind that you can adjust many of the properties of the texture and can substitute colors. This sample is Cotton Candy from the Samples 6 library.






Set Tiling Options
Depending on the size of your object, you may have unattractive edges showing from tiling. Not all textures repeat smoothly, and you can set the size of the tile to exceed your object to prevent tiling. You can also skew or rotate your texture fill, offset the tiling rows or columns and change the position of the pattern. Click on the Tiling button in the Texture Fill window to access all the above options.





Set Texture Fill Color
Click on the Sky button to change the pink color. Choose one of the preset colors or click Others for the full range of CorelDraw colors. (Choosing a color that is not from the RGB color model will bring a warning that the color will be converted to RGB. Slight color shifting can occur.) Click on the Clouds button to change the white color. Each texture will have a different naming system for the colors, but samples are shown of each color to make editing easier. Click on preview to see the results.




Change Texture Properties
There are unlimited variations for each texture. You can easily view random variations by pressing the Preview window. Each click will present a slightly different combination. You can also manually adjust a variety of properties in the lower left corner of the Texture Fill window. You can toggle locks for each property on and off. Experiment with variations of many styles to learn how to find exactly the right combination for your needs. Two versions of the same texture and color are shown to the left.



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