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CorelDraw 101: All About Fills 2

CorelDraw 101: All About Fills 2

Pattern Fill Overview


Types of Patterns
CorelDraw has three basic types of pattern fills. The illustration to the left shows samples of 2 color, Full Color and Bitmap. With these three general types of fill, there is no pattern fill that cannot be used to fill any object. (CorelDraw can create pattern files to use as fills, providing virtually unlimited pattern fill possibilities, but that is outside the scope of this basic series.)






2 color Pattern Fill
2 Color pattern fills are simple, 2 color bitmap patterns. There are preset patterns to choose from as in the top samples to the left, or you can easily create your own as in the lower sample. The front and back color can be set using the full selection of CorelDraw colors. In the samples at the left, I have reversed the front and back samples to show how versatile even the simplest of CorelDraw pattern fills can be.






Full Color Pattern Fills
Full Color pattern fills provide the ability to place a vector image as a pattern. The sample to the left shows two preset Full Color patterns with rotated and scale variations. The variations give you unlimited power to modify and position fills for the perfect results every time. Pattern fills can be used on any object. (You can save CorelDraw graphics as vector pattern files to create an unlimited number of custom fills.)






Bitmap Pattern Fills
Bitmap pattern fills are created from raster images. You can use many types, including TIF, JPG, BMP, GIF … the list goes on. There are several pre-loaded images to use, but the real power of this feature is the ability to use external files in the most common file types. The sample to the left shows variations of a preset Bitmap fill and a JPG file, from an Internet collection.






Delete Pattern Fills
For all types of patterns, to delete: Choose the pattern you wish to delete from the drop-down selector. Choose Delete.



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