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CorelDraw 101: Objects pg 8: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at

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CorelDraw 101: Objects

Cut or Copy an Object




Select an Object
Choose the Pick Tool and select the object or objects you wish to cut or copy. When an object is cut or copied, it is moved to the Windows Clipboard. Picture a little screen hiding in your computer with the image. When you paste, the image is retrieved from the Clipboard. The image remains on the Clipboard until you cut or paste again. The new image remains on the Clipboard until it is replaced by another cut or copy. Shutting down Windows clears the Clipboard.






Copy an Object
Choose Edit, Copy. The keyboard shortcut is CTRL C. (Learn the shortcut for copy, cut and paste. You will use them all the time.) You can also right click on a single object to open the pop-up menu. Choose Copy. A copy of your selection is moved to the Clipboard, but the selection also remains in your document. (Move your selected object to the side to avoid confusion, since the next step is to paste the object back into your document, and it will come to the same spot.)






Paste an Image
Choose Edit, Paste, or the shortcut CTRL V. You can also right click on the screen. A pop-up menu will appear. Choose Paste. The object you copied is now placed on the screen and is selected.






Paste Outside CorelDraw
You can also paste cut or copied objects from CorelDraw into other applications. The sample above shows our graphic in a Microsoft Word document. Hint: While cut and paste will often work between different programs, it is usually better to export the graphic as a file and import it into the new software. You have much more control of results and often will use the separate copy of the graphic many times when it is independent.




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Cut or Copy and Object

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