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CorelDraw 101: Objects pg 3: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at

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CorelDraw 101: Objects

Distribute Object Sets




Select Objects
The distribute objects function will evenly space sets of objects horizontally or vertically, a great time saver. With the Pick Tool, marquee or SHIFT select the objects you would like to distribute. (You can align and distribute in one step, but for simplicity, we are using objects that have already been aligned.)






Align and Distribute Window
Choose Arrange, Align and Distribute from the Main Menu to open the Align and Distribute Menu. Click on the Distribute tab.






Choose Vertical Distribution
Choose Spacing as the distribution type. You can also align the top, center or bottom of objects, although spacing is a common choice. The spacing type will place an even amount of space between the objects, and will work well even with objects of varying sizes.






Choose Distribution Area
Click on Extent of Selection in the center of the Align and Distribute window. This setting distributes objects evenly over the area from the top object to the bottom object in the selection. You also have the option to have the objects distributed over the entire height of the page. Choose Extent of Page for this option.






Preview and Apply
Preview the distribution settings you have chosen by clicking on the Preview button. If the result is what you wanted, click OK to apply the settings. Note how the objects are now all evenly distributed from top to bottom.






Horizontal Distribution
The steps for horizontal distribution are identical to the vertical distribution described in this tutorial. Simply choose left, center, right or spacing as appropriate.




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