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CorelDraw 101: Objects pg 4: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at

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CorelDraw 101: Objects

Group and Ungroup Objects




Select Objects
Marquee or SHIFT select at least two objects. Note the status bar stating the number of objects you have selected. We are going to group these objects so they behave as one unit. You can move, transform, and resize a grouped set as if they were one single object. They can also be ungrouped at any time, and it is not unusual to group a set of objects for temporary convenience to prevent accidentally changing positions.






Group Selection
Choose Arrange, Group from the Main Menu.






Confirm Group Action
Your objects will still look the same, but look at the status bar. It now states that there is a group of 5 objects for this sample. It is good practice to use the status bar often, since it tells you much that you need to know about your objects. Click off the object to deselect. Now click anywhere on your group of objects and the entire area is selected.






Modify Group
Click on a color in the color palette. Notice how all the objects are filled with that color. You must be careful when working with a group that you do not make global changes. Click undo to restore the original colors.






Select One Object in Group
Hold your CTRL key down and click on an object within the group. This selects an individual object. Click again on the color palette and only the selected object will be filled with the new color.






Ungroup Objects
Click on your group to select. Choose Arrange, Ungroup from the Main Menu. Now note the status bar. The status bar now states that we have 5 objects selected for this sample.






Multiple Groups
You can have unlimited layers of groups in CorelDraw. In fact, in this sample, the numbers on the bars have previously been grouped with the bars. For this illustration, I have selected the group, and chosen Arrange, Ungroup All, which takes all objects within the selected area out of the groups they are in. Note how there are now 10 objects selected in the status bar.




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