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CorelDraw 101: Objects pg 7: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at

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CorelDraw 101: Objects

Using Guidelines




Create a New Guideline
Click on the vertical ruler and drag a vertical guideline onto your page. Position the guideline where you require and release the mouse button. Click on the horizontal ruler and drag to place a horizontal guideline in the same way. To move the guideline, click and drag to the new position. A selected guideline shows in red and can be moved.






Set Snap to Guidelines
Choose View, Snap to Guidelines in the Main Menu. This will assign a magnetic quality to your guideline. When an object is moved close to the guideline it will snap into place without exact positioning. To remove the snap to guidelines property, choose View, Snap to Guidelines again.






Position Object Using Guides
Create a vertical guideline. Make sure that the snap to guidelines is turned on. Click and drag an object near the guideline and it will snap to it. Try this with several objects. This feature is a great time saver for aligning objects. You will find that you toggle the snap to guidelines on and off quite frequently, as positioning objects near the guidelines is nearly impossible with the snap feature turned on.






Snapping Guidelines to Grid
You can speed up exact guide placement if you have a grid established for your document. (See Start Your Page Right for tutorials on both grid and guidelines placement.) Choose View, Snap to Grid while you set up your guidelines. Your guides will snap to the grid easily, and once you have the guides positioned, turn off the snap to grid.




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