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CorelDraw 101: Objects pg 8: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at | 2

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CorelDraw 101: Objects

Undo/Redo/Revert Commands




Undo Command
CorelDraw has multilevel undo capabilities. This means you can undo not only the last action, but many. Select an object with the Pick Tool. Move it to the right. Click on any color in the color palette to change the color. Now choose Edit, Undo Fill. Note that the object has returned to the original fill. Click on Edit. Note that the undo now says Undo Move. Choose Undo Move and your object will return to the original position.






Redo Command
With the same object selected, click on Edit, Redo Move. The object is taken back to the moved position. Click on Edit and note that the Redo command now lists Fill. Click on Redo Fill and the new fill will be applied. You can use redo and undo commands to experiment with effect variations.






Repeat Command
With the same object selected, click on Repeat Move. This will move the object again in the same direction and distance as the original move. You can also apply this effect when you have a different object selected, allowing you to repeat the exact operation on different objects.






Revert Command
Revert is used to return your document to the latest saved version. If you have made some changes that will be hard to undo from the screen, the revert command can prevent having to redo a whole section of your document. It is most valuable when you save often though, as all changes will be lost. Click on File, Revert. A pop-up appears, reminding you that you will lose all changes if you revert. Click OK and the last saved version will appear on your screen. NOTE: This action cannot be undone.




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