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CorelDraw 101: Objects pg 8: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at | 3

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CorelDraw 101: Objects

Changing Object Order




Create Objects
Create the following objects in the same order: A circle, a square and sample text. Fill each object with a different color. Move them to be overlapping slightly. Note how the objects created first fall under the later objects.






Move an Object Forward
Select the circle with the Pick Tool. Choose Arrange, Order, Forward One from the Main Menu. You can also use the shortcut of CTRL PageUp for this operation.






Note how the circle comes in front of the square. Move the text to overlap both the circle and the square. The text is still on top of the circle since we only moved it ahead by one position.






Bring to the Front
Choose the circle again and choose Arrange, Order, To Front (or SHIFT PageUp). Now the text is behind the circle but in front of the square.



Move Object Behind
Select the circle with the Pick Tool. We could move it to the back by using the shortcut SHIFT PageDown or through the Arrange menu, but we can also specify an object for the circle to be positioned behind. Choose Arrange, Order, Behind. The cursor changes to a large arrow. Click on the object you wish the selected object to be positioned behind, in this case, the square. The circle is now behind the square. See the next step for the final view.






Notes on Position
An object maintains its position no matter where it moves. This can cause some confusion. Often you will attempt to use CTRL PageUp or CTRL PageDown to move objects back or forward one position. If you have many objects on the page, it may seem that the command is not working. It is, however, just working its way through the position of all objects. It is often faster to send an object to the front or the back and then use the forward or back one position, or the In Front Of and Behind commands




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