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CorelDraw 101: Objects


CorelDraw 101: Objects

Selecting Objects





Select Objects Overview
In CorelDraw, you must select an object before you can apply any change. Your selection tells the program that you want an effect applied to that object. You can select one object, a group of objects, or the whole page, and whatever you apply to the selection will happen to every selected object. The Pick Tool is the main selection tool, used for moving, resizing, and applying most effects. The Shape Tool is primarily for selecting and manipulating nodes within objects. The Text Tool is used for editing text.







Select Single Object
Click anywhere on a filled object to select. If an object has no fill, click on the outline to select (see next step to change default). A series of handles appears around your object to signify it is selected. The status bar at the bottom of your screen tells you what type of object you have selected, as well as the fill and outline for the selected object. Pay attention to this information, as it is extremely valuable when you are working with complex documents.







Select Items with No Fill
An object with no fill must be selected by clicking on the outline. To change this so that you can click anywhere within the object, choose Layout, Page Layout, Workspace, Toolbox, Pick Tool. Choose Treat All Objects as Filled from the Pick Tool Options. An object with no fill can now be selected by clicking anywhere within the object borders.







Marquee Select
Choose Pick Tool. Click and Drag over multiple objects. All objects that fall completely within the marquee area will be selected. Release your mouse button and handles will appear around the perimeter of all objects selected. Check the status bar to confirm the number of selected objects.






Multiple Select with SHIFT Key
Choose the Pick Tool. Click on one object to select. Hold down your SHIFT key and click on second object. Check your status bar and you will see that two objects are now selected. Repeat as needed. This is a handy way to select multiple objects no matter where they are on the page. Marquee select takes all objects in an area. With SHIFT select, you can pick any or all objects in an area. In the sample here, the rectangle and the circle are selected.





Shape Tool Selecting
Choose the Shape Tool from the Toolbox. Click on an object. Note how the selection handles are now nodes defining the object shape. Also, note the different information in the status bar. You cannot move or resize with a Shape Tool selection. This selection is for moving and changing the shape nodes within the object. You can only select one object at a time with the Shape Tool, and you cannot select an object that is part of a group.





Selecting Text
You have three options when selecting text. The sample to the left shows text selected with the Pick Tool, the Shape Tool and the Text Tool. With Pick Tool text selection, text is like any other object. Shape Tool selection is used to modify individual characters, and the Text Tool is used for editing text content. Learn to recognize how text looks when selected by each of these tools.


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