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CorelDraw 101: Import and Export pg 3: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at

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CorelDraw 101: Import and Export

Edit Vector Import




Import File
Choose File, Import from the Main menu. Locate and choose your file from the Windows file selector. Vector formats include CDR, AI, CMX, WMF, EPS. Vector images are generally fully editable within CorelDraw and are the best choice for non-photograph type images. Click Import.






Place Imported File
Your cursor will now be the import icon, with the import file name. Position the icon where you would like to place your graphic and click. Your image will appear. Note: Some vector images will come in at a huge size. If it seems that the image has disappeared, click F4 to show all objects. Your graphic may be many times larger than the page. Simply click and drag a corner handle to reduce the image to fit on your page. Click F4 again to zoom in.






Assess your Image
Make sure the new graphic is selected with the Pick Tool and look at the status bar. This will tell you what your editing possibilities are. In this case, since the status bar tells us we have a group of 20 images, we know we can edit this image fully. It is no different from any graphic created in CorelDraw. If the status bar says the object is any type of bitmap, it is not a vector file that was imported and the rest of the information on this page will not apply.






Edit Your Graphic
Ungroup the image and again check the status bar. Commercial clip art is often composed of many layers of groups. I do not advise using Ungroup All, since a small area of the complete image can contain hundreds of tiny elements that have been grouped. Select an area of your graphic and change the color. Delete some elements. Add a new part to the graphic. CorelDraw gives you the ability to take clip art and fully customize it. With this feature, any clip art can form a starting point for your own creations.




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