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CorelDraw 101: Import and Export pg 5: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at

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CorelDraw 101: Import and Export

Export a File




Export Overview
You can export any portion of your document as many different types of files. You can export one object, or the whole page. A complete description of what file types available and which attributes can be exported is well outside the scope of this tutorial. In fact, that topic could easily fill an entire book. The important thing to remember though, is that exporting is like translating languages. You are taking CorelDraw language and converting it to a language other programs can understand. When you export, it is important to know where the image will be used.






Select Export Objects
CorelDraw has a powerful feature to allow you to easily export only a portion of your document. Select the object or objects you would like to export with the Pick Tool. Later you will specify to export selected objects only. If you are exporting the entire page, you do not need to select items. (I do recommend selecting all the items you wish to export. It is too easy to forget that you did not want to include a certain object, or there may be a construction object lurking just out of sight.)






Choose Export Type
Choose File, Export from the Main menu to open the Export window. Choose the file type you would like to export to with the File of Type drop-down selector.






Name Export File
Choose a location for the file from the Windows file selector. Type the name for the file into the File Name dialog box.






Specify Selected Only
Click on Selected Only to include only the portions of the document that were selected before you opened the Export window.





Specify Settings
Click on Export and another window will open specific to the file type you are exporting. This is where you specify the attributes your exported file will have. (See the following individual file type pages for information on these settings). Click OK to complete process.




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