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CorelDraw 101: Import and Export pg 8: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at | 3

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CorelDraw 101: Import and Export

Export AI File




Why AI?
AI is an EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) vector based format. Vector files are much smaller than bitmap files for image types except photos (TIF is the best photo choice). They also remain editable in a vector based program like CorelDraw. Whenever possible, EPS format is the best. Not all applications accept EPS files though, and you should be printing to a PostScript printer when using EPS. Most desktop computers are not PostScript capable. However, for moving between image editing programs, EPS is ideal.






Export File Basics
Select the items you wish to export with the Pick Tool. Choose File, Export from the Main Menu. Select AI as the File Type. Choose the name and location for your file. Choose Selected only. (See Export a File in this series for more information on these actions.) Click Export.






Choose Compatibility
Indicate whether the file will be used on a Mac or PC platform. Choose the version of Adobe Illustrator you wish to set compatibility for. You may want to save a few different versions here if you do not know the details on where it will be used.






Export Text Setting
Text can be exported as curves (changes to a graphic) or as text (remains as editable text). Curves can be good when exporting a short document to another computer. You will not need to worry whether the fonts you used are installed. However, for longer documents, or to leave text editable, you should export as text. The receiving computer must have the same fonts you used to create your document. Click OK.



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