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CorelDraw 101: Import and Export


CorelDraw 101: Import and Export

Import/Export Overview




What is Import?
Import is not to be confused with opening a file. When you import a file, you bring it into your current document. You do not affect the original import file in any way, no matter which changes you make - in effect, you borrow a copy to use in your document. When you open a file and make changes, those changes are saved. You can import an astonishing variety of file types into CorelDraw, with many fully editable.






What is export?
Exporting is saving a copy of your file or object to a particular format to be used by other programs. For example: if you create a logo in CorelDraw, but you would like that logo for use in your Web site, you will have to export to a format that Web browsers can read (GIF or JPG). Your original CorelDraw file cannot be read on the Web. Exporting does not affect your working document in any way. CorelDraw exports to any graphic file type most people will ever need.






Import/Export File Types
Choose File, Import from the Main menu. Click on the Files of Type drop-down menu to see the types of files that CorelDraw can import. You can add or remove import filters (see Import and Export filters), although for all but the most specialized applications, the default list is all you will need.






Finding Files
We tend to gather many files in our graphics folders. If you know the file type you are seeking, you can restrict the file listing to files of only that type. Click on Files of Type and choose the file type you need. In the sample, JPG file type is selected, and although there are over 50 files in this folder, only the JPG files are listed.






Vector and Bitmap
You will see references to vector and bitmap graphics through this section. Generally, bitmaps will refer to photograph type images that have information stored by pixels. CorelDraw creates vector type images. For more information about this topic, see more about Vectors and Bitmaps.





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