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Essay 1/ pg1- So you've never built a Web page?



You're a Designer and You've
NEVER Built a Web Page?

You've been busy at your job, or perhaps you have your own studio with demanding clients that keep you moving all the time. With so much on your plate, you've never had the time or opportunity to learn to build Web pages. You know you should learn, it seems like everyone else is cashing in, and you're way behind the 8 ball. Maybe you've even found ways to conceal your HTML illiteracy with buzzwords and jargon, deftly repeating phrases like "XML will change everything" and "The success of e-commerce is a myth".

Whatever your defense, you may be feeling that it's a lost cause. WIth everyone talking about the latest trends it can be hard to find information on the basics that will bring you up to speed quickly. The article below is intended to encourage you that it's not as hard as you think, even as it delivers some basic tips and strategies


First The Encouragement...

While it may seem that everyone knows more than you do, the reality is that 80% of the procedures that have been learned over the past four years is obsolete. The people who learned the ins and outs of Netscape 2.0 and hand-coding HTML frames are finding that either there are easier ways to get the same result, or that older browsers and techniques are obsolete. It’s similar to the old desktop publishing days when everyone got tired of making drop shadows and globes, and settled into learning how to build a page that communicates well.

If you’re just getting started in Web design, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that countless Internet pioneers have taken a lot of arrows in the back for you. You can jump right in with software that writes HTML, frames, and DHTML, even as you access huge libraries of cut and paste JavaScripts. These facts alone make your life easier than you can imagine. In addition, there are tons of very good online tutorials that can teach you anything from HTML, DHTML or Java. So you’ll never be able to tell your kids about the good old days when you had to write HTML tags by hand. Take advantage of the resources at your disposal to get up to speed quickly.

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Created: Nov 7, 1998
Revised: Nov 7, 1998