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Graphic Greats 3: Bright and Fun



Paper Mag
Graphics do not get much less complicated than the ones at Paper Mag, yet the effect fits well with the content and provides easy navigation throughout the site. The graphics are all simple outlines with a glow effect applied, simulating neon lights. Many paint programs have an automatic setting for this effect, and this is the perfect place to use actions or macros to automate your work. (All images here are reduced from actual size except the "Paper Daily" image to the left.)

Automation or simplicity allows a unified look to be applied across a site. Every section has its own icon. This site is a great example of using the power of computer graphics to produce a multitude of related images.



Designed by Ariesnet

Buckswood Summer Programs
This example is nothing but squares and lines. Yet the varied color, the texture in the lines, plus the extension of the lines past the box edge, makes this anything but dull.

In a vector program, the artistic drawing tool will create ragged lines like this, or simply convert a line to curves and add several nodes to pull the line into a ragged shape. In a paint program it is easy to take the pencil tool and draw a few random strokes on the edge of a line to create the look.

Create the first line and then mirror vertically and horizontally to give you a quick variation.



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