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Graphic Greats: Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at | 4


Graphic Greats 4: Photo Presentation

Designer: David Rohr of Panorama Point.

MUSE Technologies

This has nothing to do with menus, but was too good to pass up. Adding a simple frame and perspective to the photos, and then stacking them in seemingly random order brought this page to life.

Again, we are talking simple operations with most graphic programs. Add your frame and apply effects to get the result you desire. Then use the perspective or transform command to make one end of the photo smaller. Repeat for the rest of the photos and stack them in a pleasing arrangement.

Note: I took this screen shot a while ago, and the page has since changed. Unfortunately the graphics shown at the left are no longer on the site, but they illustrate perfectly how a simple change can bring graphics to life. They appeared where the gold text box is now.

Bonus: The logo on this site is a great example of mirroring and positive/ negative ... operations that are very easy to accomplish with computer graphics. A great logo that would transform to black and white or very small sizes perfectly (just remove or reduce the 3d appearance).

That's it, but before I go ...

Learn to watch for special graphics techniques as you surf the Web. We often see great design as a whole without taking the time to put each of the pieces under a microscope. How did they do that? Why does that spot attract attention? The answer is often a very simple, but stunningly creative graphic treatment. Harvest ideas constantly to keep your work fresh and reduce the time it takes you to create great graphics.

Next time I will have a collection of creative photo treatments to add to your idea library. Check the main graphics page regularly for new additions. And don't forget to send links when you find "Graphic Greats". Send links.


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Created: Jan. 28, 2000
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