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One of the things that separates my early Web work and the work I do today is the exposure to what others designers have done. Years of noticing what makes a site work, what doesn't, absorbing and adopting pieces of the best you see, leads to better work in your own style. This is not copying. What an artist creates with a concept or an idea bears no resemblance to the inspiration.

In a continuing series, I will seek notable graphics on the Web to bring back to you. I won't like all that I feature and would never expect that you will love everything I find - art is very much individual - but it will be interesting from a graphics standpoint. Perhaps it will feature an elegantly simple way to present an idea, a new twist on a standard presentation, an interesting construction technique, or be breathtakingly beautiful.

I spend a lot of time on the Web, but I can always use a hand. If you know of a site with stunning graphics, please let me know and I may include it in the next issue of Graphic Greats. Note though - this is not a design column. Graphics is our only focus here. When preparing this, I rejected many exceptional design examples when there was nothing to be learned from the graphics. Send links.

On to what I have found this week. There is a loose theme of simple menus. Remember, I am the practical one. I am often most impressed when someone takes a quick technique and makes it look "oh so good". (Note: Many simple techniques are conceived through the blood, sweat and every creative cell in a designer ... by simple I mean once the idea has been perfected.)

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Created: Jan. 28, 2000
Revised: Jan. 30, 2000