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Graphic Greats 2: Product Presentation


Shot Saver Golf
This site is a treat to browse, since all the pages are totally unified. I have included a sample of two different pages, separated by a line. Note how these samples could easily have been featured on the same page. Part of the consistency is attention to detail, but the main unifying feature is the mesh background on every product shot.

The product pages have up to a dozen clubs featured. The mesh adds an artistic touch as well as visually pulling the varied colors and designs of the clubs together. Look at the lower sample. The top left product shows two smaller views. Without the mesh it would seem out of place, yet the eye uses the common feature to relate it to the others. It fits seamlessly.

Effects like this are not hard to accomplish. Once you have your style determined, look for automation capabilities in your software programs, or make use of layers to quickly add the same effect to multiple photos.

Designer: Terry P. Kasdan of atCommunications. Graphics © Shotsaver Golf. Used with permission.


Created by Vario Interactive. Images ©Head Technologies. Used with permission.

Head Technologies
You will have to visit this site, as the small reproduction size does not show the connection between the elements on this page. You can see the details in the two close-up shots, but the total effect is not captured here.

The design element that ties the page together is a simple dotted line. It is used as a menu border, underlining titles and as a corner for the photo edge. This page could easily have been too light, too difficult to find a place to focus, but the design lines lead your eye and anchor the graphics.



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