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Graphic Greats 3: Splash Page


Designed by Web Impressions. ©Artis Furniture. Used with permission.

Artis Furniture
The photos on this splash page are held together with slim gold lines. They add an elegant look and help unify different photos, as does the logo placement. Note the very subtle drop shadow that almost disappears, yet adds dimension.



Mohammed Online
This dynamic page is the entry to a lively, eclectic site created by Mohammed Sobhan, a college student in Montreal, Quebec. The photo is smoothly integrated into the stacking hexagons, yet it jumps right out. (MO represents the site title.) Note the sepia tones and horizontal lines in the photo, which help to blend it into the color scheme and adds an artistic look.

Simple, creative and very effective. The entire site has energy and creativity, perfectly introduced with this entry.

Designed by and © Mohammed Sobhan. Used with permission.




Peter Hanssen's Personal Homepage
Wonderful work, especially for a personal page. The section shown here is only part of the splash page. There is another section to the right with photos in different colors. Worth the trip.

This would be great photo treatment even with color or black and white photos. But the strong color makes it really come to life, and does help to unify very different photos. Note the variety of size, perspective and density in the photos. The color treatment makes them part of a unit, yet leaves each as a distinctive image.

Designed by and © Peter Hanssen. Used with permission.


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