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Graphic Greats 4: Photo Collections


Graphics designed and © Judy Kiel. Used with permission.

la galleria foto di judy kiel
This site is an artistic photo journal of a trip to Italy. Beautifully presented, the mood is reminiscent of an art gallery. The collection is shown below. The image at the left is one of the linked individual photos.

The images are tied together with a white border and rough edges. The border adds some symmetry to the irregular photos, while the ragged edges inside the borders add life, energy and enforce the subject matter.

The effect is quite compelling when added to superb photography. It is hard to resist going through the entire collection once you start.



Planet Explorer
This sample of simulated postcards is perfect for the English entry page on a Canadian adventure tour company site.

The photos are tied together with design lines. Note how each of the lines is different, providing visual interest, but they still very much a set. The bottom photo has a wide, white border, unlike the fine lines on the other three. It works though, since only the shadow defines the border.

Placing photos on an angle provides movement for the page, very appropriate for this subject. The photos drive home the product message. The presentation implies travel and adventure. The graphic treatment makes it all work flawlessly.

Photos © Planet Explorer. Used with permission.


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