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Graphic Greats 5: Dramatic Presentation

The Price of Bullets
The photo heading of this site is a creative and powerful introduction to a serious page. The black and white photos forming the banner provide a distant perspective to the close-up color photos. Note how scan lines have been used to subdue the images. The gray borders and a gentle shadow on the color photos provide separation from the background, yet almost blend completely into it. I did not notice the borders until I studied the work to see how it was accomplished.

Designed by and © Elvis D'Silva, Used with permission.



Interview with Tara Deshpande
Another selection from the same designer. This interview section has an artsy, "no rules here" atmosphere, yet it is not chaotic. The clues to order within the freeform style is evident in the photo treatment. The borders are very ragged, but take a close look at the photo. There is a plain black border that neatly frames the photo before the edge starts to break. You can see the effect even more clearly in the single photo (from the main portion of the page) shown here.

The same border appears at the edge of the blue bar. Although this page has an unstructured style, attention to detail keeps it well organized and directed to the information.

Designed by and © Elvis D'Silva, Used with permission.





Interested in Flash? Wondering what it is?
I found a terrific tutorial if you have been trying to grasp what the heck Macromedia Flash is about. I was seeking small Flash samples (an empty search to date) when I stumbled across this site.

Written by Flash guru, Marc Hoffman, this tutorial starts well before any I have seen. It describes what the program can do, how it does it and where it is best used. If you are curious about Flash, this is a must read.

Flash Tutorial

That's it, but before I go ...

Learn to watch for special graphics techniques as you surf the Web. We often see great design as a whole without taking the time to put each of the pieces under a microscope. How did they do that? Why does that spot attract attention? The answer is often a very simple, but stunningly creative graphic treatment. Harvest ideas constantly to keep your work fresh and reduce the time it takes you to create great graphics.

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