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Graphic Greats 4: Subtle Power with Text


Anne Sailer Design entry page with outline text background. © Anne Sailer. Used with permission.

Anne Sailer Design
It is hard to see the subtle background text in this small sample, but the designer's name is repeated in an outline font in varying sizes. It is so unobtrusive that you barely notice it as you view the page, but it adds a lot of style. Plus the message, the designer's name, is subtly driven home. Using text subtly can be more powerful for conveying a message than “look at me” presentation.

This presentation is very easy to execute and adds little to download time.



The Books of Hope site is presented in a skillfully crafted Flash movie with subtle text in a supporting role.

Books of Hope
A beautiful section of the site. This must be my week for finding Flash sites, since this is yet another example of Flash used well. The subtle text use allows the images to take center stage. On this site, the photos tell the story and the text is in a supporting role. It is not easy to provide the written information required, while allowing another element to command the attention. But it is well done here with open spacing, gentle colors and semitransparent text presentation.



Subtle text additions to a high quality photo on the Hasselbad site.

You will have to go to this site to see the subtle text use. I was especially impressed with the simulated f-stops, shown in the actual size sample below. The close-up photo of the lens certainly implies camera, but the f-stop presentation somehow really drives home the professional image.

As with most of our samples in this article, the text effect is simple to accomplish with layers in a photo manipulation program. Note the lighting effect in the close-up though—this is not a graphic image that was just slapped together. It is carefully crafted to make an impact.

Look for opportunities to add those special text touches to your photos. It adds some time, but the effect is well worth the effort for professional results.

Finally, we will look at the opposite text effect, with our dramatic selections on the next page.




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