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Where are the great graphics?

I spend a lot of time on the Web, but I can always use a hand. If you know of a site with stunning graphics, please let me know and I may include it in a future issue of Graphic Greats. Note though - this is not a design column. Graphics is our only focus here. When preparing this, I rejected many exceptional design examples when there was nothing to be learned from the graphics. Send links.

Text should be the most important element of any Web site, since without content, the most artistically stunning site will have no meaning. But text can also do double duty. When we stretch the bounds of text presentation, we cross the line into art. (The tutorial, Text as Design, features methods to use text creatively.)

Many of the most talented graphic designers rely heavily on artistic text presentation for their style. This week I have gathered a terrific collection of dynamic text applications. The effects range from very artistic and free flowing, to controlled with a definite business tone.

The one thing these sites all share is impact. The designers have stretched the bounds of the typewritten word and created a look that demands to be noticed.

We'll start the tour with sites that use text and color for great impact.

Wendy Peck is a working Web designer and writer living in NW Ontario, Canada.

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Created: Feb. 23, 2000
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