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Graphic Greats 2: Crooked with Color


A portion of the Linux Central entry page. Designed by Gonzalo De la Peña Andreu (e-mail link). © Linux Central.

Linux Central
Another retro look, but very different from the sample. I have included only a small sample of the entry page here to allow some of the details to show. You really should visit this site, designed by Gonzalo De la Peña Andreu (e-mail link). Hand-drawn menu items and attention points through the site help to provide a friendly look and easy access to important information. Note how many information sections are included on this entry page, yet it is not overwhelming because the page is so well laid out. If you are faced with trying to present a great deal of information in different forms, you should study the methods used on this page. This version of the site was launched in January 2000.



Entry page for the Peachpit Press site, designed in-house and launched in 1994. © Peachpit Press.

Peachpit Press
This has been one of my favorite sites for quite a while, and not a wonder I have known it for a long time. It was introduced, with a similar style, in 1994. That is not a typo—nearly 6 years ago. Some designers wonder whether inspiration is a fancy word for copying. This site was one of the main inspirations for my current site. Compare the two sites and you will see why I do not worry about copying when a great site inspires my design.

The Peachpit site is very casual. There is hardly a straight line anywhere, yet observe how your eyes move through the site. You cannot be successful at this style without very careful planning. Creative color breaks define information areas. Geometric shapes work with table cell background color blocks to create irregular shapes, providing energy with little extra file size.



Starbucks Coffee entry page. Several designers had a hand in the final look. © Starbucks Coffee.

Starbucks Coffee
Hand-drawn illustrations, crooked borders, irregular color blocks—the Starbucks entry page is very original. Yet, as we have seen with previous examples, very easy to navigate. The colors are bold, yet the site does not bowl you over when it lands on your screen. It is memorable and exciting, but surprisingly gentle. Good balance, superb color interaction and great planning is required to create a look like this one— well worth practicing. And so appropriate for a coffee site.

We've seen the roughest of the rough, now lets look at sites that just push the straight boundaries a bit.


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