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Graphic Greats 4: Subtle Power with Texture


Winning Hands entry page. Site created by OtherWise Designs. © Winning Hands.


Winning Hands
Not all sites need to be loaded with information and it is wonderful to see an example of great design on a very small site. This site offers a healing service so a trustworthy and warm feeling is a must. Otherwise Design did a great job of capturing this mood with a textured background, lots of space and a terrific hand-drawn illustration. Note the one color touch on this entry page ... the only navigation on the page. Certainly no confusion for visitors.



Interior page from Similar styling to the first samples we saw in this article, but much less casual. ©
This site shares many similarities with the first few examples in this article, but the effect has been scaled back. The logo is rough text, as is the drop cap further down in the sidebar. But the other interest points, like the sidebar dividing line and the top and bottom edges of the photos are smooth curves. Although the look is smooth, it is certainly not static and does provide an approachable interface.



quiet-time index page. Beautiful design with subtle texture. © Quiet-time

This site is stunningly beautiful and so gentle. It would be easy for a site like this to be dull, but look carefully at the details and you will see plenty of texture. The background motifs are very subtle, but they have a brush-like texture. Each of the menu illustrations also has texture, and each is different. A masterpiece of subtle texture and balance that is worth the trip just to feel the calming effect that this site produces.

Finally, to end this issue, lets go all out and see rough as the design, not just the enhancement.




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