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Graphic Greats 5: 100% Rough


John Jarvis interior page. A most unusual but very effective site that must be seen to understand how and why it works. © John Jarvis.

John Jarvis
What would it look like if you said to heck with the straight stuff and just went all out for rough? You would have a look like the John Jarvis site. Appropriate for a bank or medical site? Of course not, but for a successful freelance writer? This style would certainly not be to every taste, but I urge you to take a trip to the site and read through the information. It does work, and works very well.



Flash site with excellent color use and an illustration appearance throughout. Designed by and © Peter Holm, 1999.

Peter Holm
Another site that has gone for the rough all the way. After the Flash extravaganza last issue, I had to include at least one more this time. This entire page has a hand-drawn appearance and the colors make it outstanding. You don't see much brown, which is surprising when you see a well-done sample like this one. Note how the bright color touches really bring it to life. This site carries the irregular theme so far it has its own elegance—born of consistency. Great mouseovers, too.



Back Roads Design entry page where rough is the style. Designed by Clickerhead. © Back Roads Design.

Back Roads Design
Let's end this tour with a site that breaks every conservative rule. The color is wild, the graphics rough and unorthodox, but it is so appropriate for the subject. I really like the energy and fun this site projects, but look for the information—it's all there—as plain as can be. Kudos to Clickerhead for using the wild look where it will promote the mood, but holding back on the style for information delivery. Even the menu items get serious when you show some interest by rolling your mouse over the topic.


That's it, but before I go ...

Learn to watch for special graphics techniques as you surf the Web. We often see great design as a whole without taking the time to put each of the pieces under a microscope. How did they do that? Why does that spot attract attention? The answer is often a very simple, but stunningly creative graphic treatment. Harvest ideas constantly to keep your work fresh and reduce the time it takes you to create great graphics.

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