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Graphic Greats: Navigation Graphics

Using Text Case for Style


Text style is consistent through the site The sub-pages are identified with the same font and style as was used on the splash page.


The designer for this site has used text in all caps for a simple style and consistency though the site. On the splash page, shown below, the text is perfectly fitted to frame the photos, and sets the style for the rest of the site. Even the photo captions, which is the navigation, is done in a narrow, all caps font.

The sample from one of the interior pages (see left) shows the consistency that continues through the entire site. The headings are all in narrow caps, and reflect the look of the main page. The text work is quite subtle here, but it really makes the design. Well worth a trip to study.



Case changes and varied weights add life to the message in the top sample. The interior menu, shown in the lower sample, is simple and easy to use, but adds to the page design.


The final example I have for you is another simple site, where text joins with dramatic photography to provide a very dramatic look. The text on this site is subtle, but the designer has used many different combinations of case and weight variations to add energy to what could have been an attractive, but dull, site. As in most subtle work, you will have to visit the site to appreciate the design skill.

The splash page offers a lot of white (black) space to set off the text, which is mostly lower case. Inside the site, the navigation menu, as shown at the lower left, is again lower case. Page subheads, which are not shown here, are in a delicate upper case font. Finally, there is a sprinkling of creative size and case changes in text.

This is a simple site, very easy to navigate, yet it feels like an art site. Examples like this prove that you do not need to leave art behind to create a functional site. Worth the time for a visit.


That's it, but before I go ...

Learn to watch for special graphics techniques as you surf the Web. We often see great design as a whole without taking the time to put each of the pieces under a microscope. How did they do that? Why does that spot attract attention? The answer is often a very simple, but stunningly creative graphic treatment. Harvest ideas constantly to keep your work fresh and reduce the time it takes you to create great graphics.

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