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  • This is HTML with Style's section containing all the information any Web page author needs at his fingertips. Bookmark these pages or print them out to always have important information handy, or for when you need to quickly look up something that's slipped your mind.

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    Welcome to our HTML reference section. This is the place to come to for all the information you need to look up when designing Web pages using HTML and CSS.

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    How to Understand Color Codes

    In this article you'll learn how the mechanism behind color code values works with the aid of a simple program I've created. The program, Colourcoder, is designed to not only let you find a color you want with ease, but also help you gain a more intuitive grasp of color codes while you use it. By Stephen Philbin.

    HTML 4.01 Element Reference

    This reference section lists all the the elements ("tags") for the HTML 4.01 language. Included are all available attributes, browser compatibility, and important notes. The name of each element is linked to the W3C recommendations for the specified element. Deprecated elements and attributes are noted on each page. Browser compatibility is also shown for each element. Each HTML element also includes XHTML specifications, if necessary.

    Web Color Reference

    Our color reference section includes tables that show the various color codes in use on the Web. We include named colors, the extended named colors, and the now infamous 216 "Websafe" color palette, complete with HEX, RGB, percentage, and even the new ReallySafe palette, all for your viewing pleasure.

    HTML Character Reference

    Looking for a great character reference? No, we won't help with your job search, but with HTML characters. HTML with Style serves up some stylish symbols used by HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0.



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